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Mick Ayzenberg

Security Innovation
Principle Security Engineer
Mick Ayzenberg is a Senior Security Engineer at Security Innovation. His years of security industry experience have included countless assessments for well-known technology companies. He has done extensive work in web pentesting, mobile pentesting, network protocol analysis, reversing, and fuzzing. Mick's fascination and deep knowledge of blockchain technologies has resulted in an abundance of research within the field throughout his career. Mick is responsible for several CVEs in the most common open-source infrastructural components of the Bitcoin mining network. Mick has extended this interest to smart contract technology, studying and identifying attack vectors and threats for these emerging protocols. He is the author of the Security Innovation Blockchain CTF, a digital playground to help engineers identify and exploit common vulnerabilities in smart contracts. Additionally, Mick is the author of the popular security tool AuthMatrix. AuthMatrix is an extension to the Burp Suite toolkit that allows testers to easily organize and validate the authorization model of a target web service or web application.